CRT Full Form

CTR is a short form of cathode ray tube. It is a vacuum tube which contains one or more electron guns, and a phosphorescent screen for viewing images. To create images, electron beams onto the screen are accelerated and deflected by a means used in it. The images can be represented in the form of… Read More »

MCB Full Form

MCB stands for Miniature circuit breaker. MCB is referred to as an automatically operated electrical switch which is especially designed to protect an electrical circuit from any damage possibly caused by short circuit, over current or overload. The basic function of MCB is to interrupt current flow when protective relays detect any fault.

FM Full Form

FM is extended as Frequency Modulation. This is a term that is mainly used in telecommunications and signal processing. It is rightly the encoding of information in a carrier wave which is done by varying the instantaneous frequency of the wave. Use of FM radio is very common in broadcasting an audio signal representing voice… Read More »

CMS Full Form

CMS refers to as a content management system which is a computer application. CMS supports the creation of digital content (text, audio, video, graphics, code and photos) and its modification using a common user interface (CUI). In this way, it usually supports multiple users functioning in a collaborative environment.  Most CMSs have Web-based publishing, format… Read More »

PLC Full Form

PLC is referred as a Programmable Logic Controller. This PLC or programmable controller is a kind of digital computer which is used for automation of normally industrial electro mechanical processes, including amusement rides, control of machinery on factory assembly lines or light fixtures. PLCs are generally used in various machines used in diverse industries.

ISDN Full Form

ISDN stands for Integrated Services for Digital Network, which comes under a set of communication standards defining simultaneous digital transmission of data, voice, video, and other network services. The key feature of Integrated Services for Digital Network is that it together integrates data and speech on the same lines.

LPG Full Form

LPG is the short form of Liquefied Petroleum Gas. It is also known as LP Gas. LPG is referred to as simply butane or propane which is a flammable mixture of hydrocarbon gases. Liquefied Petroleum Gas is used as a fuel for cooking food, running vehicles, heating appliances and equipments. So it is very useful… Read More »

DSP Full Form

DSP stands for Digital signal processor, which is a particular microprocessor. It comes up with its architecture that is optimized for the operational requirements of digital signal processing. The aim of Digital Signal Processor is mainly to filter, compass or measure continuous real-world analog signals. Dedicated DSPs typically have better power efficiency so these are… Read More »

CAD Full Form

CAD is typically referred to as Computer-aided design. The CAD is the effective use of computer programs for creating two dimensional or three-dimensional images or graphical representations of physical objects. It creates a better representation of any kinds of product. This CAD software may be specialised for any specific applications.

EDGE Full Form

EDGE stands for Enhanced Data for Global Evolution which is also known as Enhanced GPRS or EGPRS. It is a data system which is used on top of GSM networks. This data system provides virtually three times quicker speeds than that of the outdated GPRS system. EDGE meets the needs for a 3G network, but… Read More »