Difference between MBA and BBA

Many of the students always ask that, Is MBA and BBA are same in respect of study material and scope or can they expect to learn something new during the MBA program after BBA. 1. First of all MBA is a master degree and BBA is undergraduate degree course. But sometimes content seems to be… Read More »

Difference between BBA and B.Com Courses

Every day we receive thousand of queries regarding the difference between two degree courses i.e. BBA and B.COM. Most of the students after their 12th board not able to took right decision regarding their undergraduate course. Here we just try to short your quires in easy words. Always remember, BBA and B.COM both are the… Read More »

How to Prepare for PCS Exam

We always try to publish the statistics of previously successful candidates, fact and figures related to PCS Examinations. In this blog, we have tried to cover all aspects of the Mains exam. With the aim of helping you become successful. Candidates who wish to appear in the PCS (Public Service Commission) Exam, with the aim of… Read More »

How to Prepare for MPSC Exam

It is the right time for MPSC Maharashtra Public Service Commission (M Exam; you have to start preparing from now. You can start your preparation from now on wards only as this exam is not a piece of cake. It required a lot of Hard Work. You will have prelims known as CSAT, which is a… Read More »

Difference between Certificate and Diploma

Diploma and a certificate both areas the piece of paper, given out to non degree seeking students who have completed a senior secondary program. A certificate that acknowledges a certain achievement. Both of these are considered as a formal document and usually available through colleges and vocational schools. Certificate is a document issued to a… Read More »

How to Prepare for IAS Exam

The Strategy of being Successful in the Main Written Exam- IAS Our sole aim behind writing this article is to help our candidates become ultimately successful through correct planning and not getting diverted. If we look into some aspects, we will find that it is easier to clear the Main Exams as compared to the… Read More »

Difference between GAAP and IFRS

A friend in need is a true friend indeed. Actually a true friend is one who helps a friend in need and a true guide is one who helps his favorite readers rise above all confusions or else, what is the use of having a friend and a guide who is not helpful. Before explaining… Read More »

How to Prepare for IPS Exam

The Union Public Service Commission, the constituent body of India, conducts UPSC exams every year, and IAS, IPS, IFS officers is recruited on the basis of this examination. A large number of candidates apply for the BPSC exams, but, only a very few of them are appointed to the government posts after completing the exams.… Read More »

How to Prepare for BPSC Exam

Like other state public service commission, Bihar Public Service Commission also conducts BPSC exams to select eligible candidates for various posts like assistant professor, assistant director, deputy project director, and assistant conservator of forest posts and others in different departments. For the candidates who have completed their graduation, this exam becomes the preferred choice to… Read More »

How to Prepare for SSC Exams

SSC exams are conducted to recruit candidates on various posts in different government departments. To cross SSC examination, you need to achieve in- depth knowledge of the topics defined. You also need to develop skills to solve problems fast. To gain all, you need to build a solid strategy. You must be determined to follow… Read More »